Sag Harbor Elementary Honors Board of Education

The month of October is designated as National Board of Education Appreciation Month. To show appreciation toward members of the Sag Harbor Board of Education, during a recent Morning Program, Sag Harbor Elementary School students joined together in a special way.

The students dedicated their theme song of the year, “Reach for the Stars,” and presented the board with Sag Harbor Whalers hats.

The Sag Harbor District board consists of seven community volunteers: President Sandi Kruel, and trustees Grainne Coen, Alex Kriegsman, Daniel Marsili, Ronald Reed, Jordana Sobey and Ryan Winter. Each member received a baseball hat with a Sag Harbor whale on it.

“We love making your time at Sag Harbor Elementary the best it can be,” said Kruel. To conclude the event, each class, with their parents and teachers, joined hands to sing along to their school song before heading off to class as a true example of community.
Photo caption: Sag Harbor Elementary Principal, Matt Malone, thanks the Board of
Education on behalf of the Elementary students with the presentation of Sag Harbor Whaler hats.
Photo courtesy of the Sag Harbor School District