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Sag Harbor Schools

Sag Harbor Schools, 17 days ago

The 2020-2021 School Budget and Election Notice may be viewed at

Sag Harbor Schools

Sag Harbor Schools, 20 days ago

Please visit for information on the Board Member Candidate – Petition to be on Ballot and the 2020-2021 School Board Election and Budget Vote on June 9, 2020.​

Sag Harbor Schools

Sag Harbor Schools, 25 days ago

In conjunction with schools across Long Island we will be recognizing our senior student-athletes this Friday, May 1st, by “Turning on the Lights".  At 8:20pm (coincidently 2020 military time), the scoreboard behind Pierson High School will show all 20’s as a tribute to our senior athletes, especially the spring athletes who lost their season. This is our way of saying thank you from the athletic department and Section XI.  The scoreboard will be on for twenty minutes. You will be able to drive around the school in a clockwise manner to view the scoreboard from the Montauk Avenue parking Lot.  We request that everyone practice social distancing and remain in your cars. Thank you for your support of Pierson Athletics, Lets Go Whalers!!

Sag Harbor Schools

Sag Harbor Schools, 2 months ago

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