Sag Harbor Pre-K students visit Harbor Market and Kitchen

Following a visit to their classroom by chef Paul Del Favero, students in Nicole Cummings pre-K at the Sag Harbor Learning Center received a private cooking lesson from the chef and his wife, Susana Del Favero, at Harbor Market and Kitchen. The couple is partner owners of the community market along with Abbey Warsh.

During his visit to their classroom, Chef Del Favero taught the preschoolers how to knead the dough and explained the workings of being a professional chef. Now, the students were able to take what they learned and put it into action during the onsite cooking lesson.

The students toured the downstairs kitchen, saw where desserts were made, and even went into the walk-in refrigerator. Upstairs, the students saw the large pizza oven and watched as Chef Del Favero underwent the entire process of making pizzas which the students were allowed to try. “It was a great trip, and they were so generous with our visit,” said Cummings.


Photo caption: Sag Harbor Pre-K students learned from local Michelin star-awarded chef, Paul Del Favero, how to make pizzas at Harbor Market and Kitchen.