Sag Harbor Elementary students shine at the Parrish Art Show

On Saturday, March 11, the annual student exhibition at the Parrish Art Museum featured the work of Sag Harbor Elementary’s fourth-grade students. Amongst more than 1,000 fellow young artists from the East End of Long Island, the Sag Harbor fourth graders stood out with projects based on passion.

Named “Passion in Action,” the students used mixed media to create an art piece that would invoke thought and conversation around the desire to make a difference. In Lisa Miller’s art class, the students worked on individual projects before coming together to discuss their work. “Students finalized their pieces by writing an artist statement and helping each other express their ideas both visually and verbally,” said Miller.

Themes across their work included the Earth, animals, sports, and family. Georgia Weiss created a display of pink dolphins which she hoped would inspire others to want to save our wildlife: “I created this art because I wanted to save wildlife and the Earth. I am trying to say that pollution affects the animals. I want people to look at my art and think they can change the earth!”

On a similar note, Maggie Moore focused on pollution: “I made this project to tell people that polluting the earth is bad. How I want people to feel is sad that the earth is being trashed. It’s about an oil spill and pollution.”

For Thomas Oppenheimer, he hoped his piece would encourage others to reflect on themselves: “I made a Cherry Blossom because when I look at it, I feel peaceful. When other people look at it, I want them to feel peaceful as well. I used paint on paper.”

Photo caption: Sag Harbor Elementary’s fourth-grade student, Maggie Moore, poses with her art project for the Parrish Art Museum student exhibition.