Pierson parents attend curriculum night

Pierson Middle and High School parents attended curriculum night on Sept. 27. Each parent received their student’s schedules and followed it along to attend every class their child would. Teachers waited in their rooms with presentations that lasted fifteen minutes each. Switching between A and B days, the Pierson parents traveled from classroom to classroom to meet the teachers and learn about the class curriculums and class rules, explained math teacher, Eva Szychowska-Marvel.

In Charlie Freij’s Honors English 10 presentation, parents heard about which books their students will read, how often essays will be assigned, grading rubrics, and more. Mr. Freij also explained the creative ways he engages his students. Ice-breaker games, such as assigning fun ways for students to find their fellow teammates prior to team discussions, or using popsicle sticks to make sure every student has a chance to contribute to class discussions were also presented to parents. 

“I might put different animal names up on the board to represent each group, and students have to make the noise of that animal to find the rest of their group,” explained Mr. Freij. “It’s silly but students loosen up and feel more comfortable before having in-depth discussion on things like the formalities of writing.”