Public Notice of Pesticide Spraying

The Pesticide Notification Law requires the District to form a registry of any student, parent, or staff member who wishes to receive notification 48 hours prior to a regulated pesticide application. Individuals may request that their names be added to the school registry at any time during the school year. Please be aware that in case of emergency, we may not be able to provide a 48-hour notice. All interested parties should contact Mr. Paul Wilken, Director of Plant Facilities III, in the Building and Grounds Office at 631-725-5300 Ext. 453

Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM -3:00PM.

Annual Asbestos Notice

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) is a federal law enacted in 1987 that requires all school districts to re-inspect for asbestos-containing building materials. Our facilities have been inspected and response actions were developed to ensure a continued safe environment for our students and employees. Activities include training of custodial and maintenance staff to prevent disturbance of asbestos and periodical re-inspection and surveillance activities by trained personnel. The AHERA Management Plan is available for your review at the following locations:

Sag Harbor Elementary School Main Office, 68 Hampton St, Sag Harbor

Pierson Middle/High School Main Office, 200 Jermain Avenue, Sag Harbor


Paul Wilken
Director of Facilities

(631) 725-5300 x 453

Jody Miller

(631) 725-5300 x 454

To place a work order request or school facilities use schedule request, please visit GetHelp.

For assistance, please contact Jody Miller at the number listed above.

Thank you!


Pierson Middle/High School

  • Head Custodian: Bill Browning (3 pm - 11 pm)

  • Day Lead Custodian: Holly Greene (6 am - 2 pm)

Sag Harbor Elementary School

  • Head Custodian: Joe Bedell (6 am - 2 pm)


  • Head Groundskeeper: J.R. Tilton

  • Assistant Groundskeeper: George Maya


  • Carpenter: Colin Kelly - MON - FRI, 7 am - 3 pm

  • Painter: Anthony Vacca - MON - FRI, 4 am - 12 pm


Pierson Middle/High School

  • John Ali (Morning/Afternoon)

  • Richard Licata (Afternoon/Evening)

  • Tony Vacca, Weekend Monitor

Sag Harbor Elementary School


  • Steve McLaughlin

  • Art Springer

  • Jim Lee

Sag Harbor Learning Center


  • Ralph Salerno


Please report suspicious behavior during non-school hours to the

Sag Harbor Village Police 631-725-0427 or call 911


Call 911 for all emergencies