JCB # 16-35533Sag Harbor UFSD Lead in Water Sampling Results Table

School Building

Sag Harbor Elementary School

Pierson Middle School/ High School

Water Outlets Sampled



Locations which Exceeded EPA and/or DOH Action Level

Map Location 2: Ground Floor Slop Sink in Custodial Closet (AHERA ID 0004) Near Custodial Office (D 39.8/F 2.8)

Map Location 13: Ground Floor Room 001 Bathroom (AHERA ID 0001A) Faucet (D 16.7/F 12.7)

Map Location 15: Ground Floor Principal’s Office (AHERA ID 0013D) Kitchen Faucet (D 28.6/F 2.2)

Map Location 25: Second Floor Room 102 Bathroom (AHERA ID 1006A) Faucet (D 20.1/F 8.0)

Map Location 61: Third Floor Teachers Lounge (AHERA ID 3013) Kitchen Faucet (D 140/F 33.5)

Map Location 66: Exterior Slop Sink (AHERA ID 0002) outside Room 003 (D 28.1/F 3.8) 

Samples Submitted to Laboratory (Estimated date of results 11/4/16)

Retesting Status


D: First Draw Sample
F: Flush Sample