Sag Harbor students attend SCMEA east festival

The SCMEA east division all-county festival has wrapped up and Sag Harbor students at the elementary school and Pierson Middle-High School were all able to participate. Preparation for the festival included weekends of rehearsals which accumulated to about 10 hours of practice per division.

To participate in the festival, students are recommended by their music teachers. Schools from across Long Island participated with grades 5 and 6 representing division 1, grades 7 and 8 representing division 2, and grades 9 and 10 representing division 3.

For the Sag Harbor students in Division 1, practice was held at Riverhead High School and the concert was at Longwood High School. Heidi Rizzo and Ammiel Sobey attended from fifth grade and, Sophia Perri, Gabriella Hugo, Mia Milazzo, Emily Drohan, and Kate Deleski represented grade six.

For Division 2 students, Pierson students, Shoshana Sobey, Mia Luna, Georgia Finelli, Jack Fuer, Vanessa Rizzo, Savannah Romano, Olivia Quinn of grades seven and eight attended rehearsals at Miller Place High School with their final performance at Longwood High School.

Allison Cottrell was the sole performer for Pierson in division 3 with her rehearsals held at Eastport Manor High School and the concert at Longwood High School.

Photo caption: Sag Harbor Elementary and Middle School students pose during a SCMEA festival rehearsal. From left to right: Heidi Rizzo (5), Sophia Perri (6), Gabriella Hugo (6), Ammiel Sobey(5), Mia Milazzo (6), Emily Drohan (6), Kate Deleski (6).