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30th September 2020 

Dear Pierson Middle / High School Parents, 

On behalf of the Pierson MS/HS Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), I would like to formally introduce myself and our board to you as we embark on this school year in what many deem, unchartered territory.  

The PTSA is a wonderful organization that pulls together administrators, faculty, students, and their families. In year’s past, we have organized many events throughout the school year, while also staying up to speed on current events, questions, comments, and concerns surrounding the school and our students.  

This year, more than ever, we need your help. We would love to see every new parent and parents from previous years join in our efforts to ensure the health, safety, and most importantly educational success of all those that attend the Pierson Middle/High School, whether that be in person or remotely.  

The PTSA has already been working hard to get school re-opened and re-imagined. We rely on parents, students, administrators, and faculty members to have open conversations so that we can be successful in all our efforts.  

I just want to take this time to thank the previous year’s PTSA board for all their hard work and dedication. I’d like to introduce myself, Fran Nill, PTSA President for the 2020-21 school year along with Recording Secretary, Chris Alotta, and Treasurer, Rachael Lucyk. I want to ensure you that it is not the work of just us — but all of us — as a school family to create a successful learning environment for our children and our futures. 

We hope you will take a minute to check our website and join the PTSA to stay on top of current  school happenings but also feel free to email me directly or the PTSA at Piersonptsa@gmail.com  with any comments/questions/concerns.  

We are ​every​ child. ​one​ voice. 


Fran Nill  |
PTSA President

Become a Member - Join the PTSA Online:  


Annual Membership is $10 for adults and $4 for students. 



Help reimagine the PTSA: 

Your PTSA is an advocacy group of members​ ​that work together to support the​ ​health, welfare, and potential of every student. Without our traditional PTSA events and activities, how can we best support our students this year? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email, say hello, tell us your ideas. Work with us to help students have the best possible school year. 


Jump right in: 

The PTSA is a member-driven volunteer group, so it can’t start without some volunteers. Once you join  PTSA, you can choose your role and level of involvement​.​ Here are examples of how you and your  fellow members can help get the year started:

  • Send the PTSA board an email with ideas or concerns.

  • Volunteer for an hour or two during school picture day.

  • Offer your time, talent, or knowledge to support and improve the PTSA.

  • Run a membership drive.

  • Write a monthly newsletter.

  • Lead an advocacy project.

  • Establish a new PTSA goal.

  • Develop an online fundraising idea.

  • Lead a new PTSA committee or team.

  • Be a liaison between the school and community organizations.

  • Create an online PTSA event or activity.

    ● Build a better website for the PTSA.

  • Help the PTSA set up virtual meetings via Zoom/Google, etc.

2020-2021 Pierson PTSA Board 

President: Fran Nill 
Recording Secretary: Chris Alotta 
Treasurer: Rachael Lucyk

Pierson High School PTSA Unit 05-502

Federal Employer ID # 11-3055100

Chartered Unit of New York State PTA, non-profit unit under IRS Section 501(c)(3)