May 17, 2021

Dear Sag Harbor Schools Community:

Sag Harbor School District has enjoyed a long history of using Mashashimuet Park.  The School District’s contract with the park is up for renewal in 2021, and in connection with that negotiation, the District identified several areas in need of repair and/or improvement.  The school administration has discussed these issues with the community during several Board of Education meetings over the last few months.  

As a school district, our goal is for our students to be able to play on athletic fields and use facilities that meet a minimum set of standards similar to those of other districts in New York State.  Settling for anything less can put our athletes at a disadvantage and, when safety is at issue, potentially in harm's way.  We feel that it is important that our school community better understand what improvements and repairs we had requested of the park; and as such, have publicly released our proposal as well as the park’s response. 


Jeff Nichols
Superintendent of Schools