Sag Harbor Elementary students explore photography techniques

Sag Harbor Elementary students in the Photography Enrichment Club have been busy with hands-on learning using Canon Rebel cameras. The school’s art teacher, Lisa Miller, runs the photography program for fourth and fifth-grade students.

In the after-school club, students explored lighting, composition, and storytelling techniques for some unique photos. “Students begin composition and documentary techniques on the iPads and move on to more advanced techniques such as shutter speed and aperture on the DSLR camera,” said Miller. “In a world of endless iPhone camera rolls, the students learn to analyze the difference between a silly snapshot and a composed photograph.”
When the weather permits, the club travels by foot on and off school grounds to document Sag Harbor. On days they stay in the elementary school, the students experiment with studio portrait lighting. 

“One of their favorite parts [in the studio] seems to be playing with the colored gels and changing the feeling of the entire room,” said Miller. “There is always a ton of excitement in photography club. The time seems to fly by, and the kids appreciate honing their skills in an area that is sometimes taken for granted.”
Students also learn to critique each other’s work and help each other improve their observation skills. They are allowed to bring cameras from home that they would like to learn and are encouraged to bring fun props as well.

Photo caption: Sag Harbor Elementary students in Lisa Miller’s Photography Enrichment Club explore photography techniques in their indoor studio and around Sag Harbor.