Best College Fit visits Pierson High School

Sophomores and juniors at Pierson High School in Sag Harbor are embarking on the ongoing journey of planning for the future. While graduation is top of mind for most students, what comes next is equally as important. To help students prepare, Peter Van Buskirk, founder of Best College Fit, was invited to present to families and students of Pierson.

College awareness, motivational programming, and professional programming are key components of Best College Fit’s teaching materials. Using these points, Van Buskirk gave an in-depth presentation on a student-centered approach to post-secondary education. Van Buskirk, who has over 25 years of college admissions experience and is now an author, motivational speaker, and workshop leader, provided a high-level look at the ins and outs of different colleges and the admissions process.

“We like to layer in college (or other education or training post-high school) conversations all the time,” said school counselor and event organizer, Margaret Motto. “Preparation is key to student success and students need to think about their future and keep doors of opportunity open while experiencing high school.”

Motto explained that the goal behind this presentation was to provide the tools parents and students need to make informed decisions. While college is one of many options for students graduating high school, it is a very individualized decision that looks at academics, social environments, and financial opportunities.

  Photo caption: Peter Van Buskirk, founder of Best College Fit, presents to Pierson High School students and families on a successful approach to college planning