Pierson Middle Schoolers Meet with Mayor Larocca

Every year, Pierson Middle School celebrates Red Ribbon Week the last week of October. This year was no exception to the fun and informative activities around creating lifelong healthy habits and how they directly impact the developing years starting in middle school. The week is intended to bring awareness to the dangers of drugs and emphasize the importance of good mental, emotional, and physical health in the developing teenage brain.  

Each day focuses on a new topic for students to discuss. Through a partnership with SAFE in Sag Harbor, Pierson middle schoolers had a robust program that fully explain why the pledge to be drug-free is so important. 

To kick off the programming, Pierson middle schoolers visited James Larocca, Mayor of The Village of Sag Harbor. With their teacher, Eileen Caulfield, Pierson middle school students, and Mayor Larocca talked through the importance of Red Ribbon Week and how it goes beyond the classroom and into our community at large. Mayo Larocca signed a proclamation honoring Red Ribbon week, and students tired red ribbons around the village.

Back in the classrooms, students learned about the long-lasting effects lack of sleep, bullying, and drugs can have on the developing brain. They discussed healthy relationships, the detrimental effects of vaping, and healthy alternatives such as meditation and deep breathing. Students created Thankfulness jars to express their gratitude and even tried yoga at their desks. At Pierson middle school, students have discovered healthy tools to guide them through their journey from childhood to adulthood.

Photo caption: Pierson middle school students meet with Mayor Larocca to discuss Red Ribbon week.