Dutch Homes

Fourth graders at Sag Harbor Elementary dove into a unique STEM project on Wednesday, January 5th. With the support from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), students in Jeff Reed's fourth grade class, as well as the Sag Harbor Elementary STEM Club, created 10 portable Dutch houses.

The STEM project combined engineering, design, and math. Students learned about problem solving and how an initial plan and some creativity can lead to a successful product.

Using PVC pipes and fittings, students designed, measured, cut, and assembled safe learning spaces. Each house creates a focused, independent learning and reading space. 

“With the ongoing classroom Covid constraints, students needed more than ever a way to create their own learning space in a way that met all regulations. The final design allows for airflow and an individualized space for minimal distraction and independent learning,” said Reed. “Grade 4R and the STEM Club would like to express their appreciation to the Sag Harbor Elementary PTA for their gift and this valuable grant program.”  

The ten Dutch houses will be shared with various classrooms in the building so other students can enjoy learning in their own space.  

“Fourth grade students were excited to learn how a little planning and creativity can generate a product so useful and meaningful to everyone. The PVC Dutch houses create a cozy reading, writing, and studying space that all students can enjoy,” continued Reed.

Photo caption: Sag Harbor Elementary fourth graders create 10 portable Dutch Homes for an educational twist on social distancing.