Head Chef from Harbor Market visits the Sag Harbor Pre-K Class

Award-winning Chef, Paul Del Favero, of Harbor Market and Kitchen in Sag Harbor, was recently invited to Nicole Cumming’s Pre-kindergarten class. Del Favero, who is also a partner owner of Harbor Market and Kitchen, has over 30 years of experience as a chef.

In preparation for his visit, students made their own chef hats as they discussed how Del Favero’s chef skills make him a community helper. Del Favero started his career in France and has since gone on to win several awards including a Michelin star. Now a member of the Sag Harbor community, Del Favero’s store is known as a neighborhood market. 

While wearing their new chef hats, the students listened to Del Favero talk about the Market and his job. Then, the students had the chance to interact with some pizza/bread dough. Together the students rolled out the dough to make a pizza pie shape or a bread loaf shape for a fun, hands-on learning activity.

Photo caption: Award-winning chef, Paul Del Favero, from Harbor Market and Kitchen visits the Sag Harbor Learning Center’s Pre-kindergarten class.